Boost Business Productivity with Mobile Workflow Forms

Boost Business Productivity with Mobile Workflow Forms

If you’re running or managing an enterprise business, you’re probably under ever mounting pressure to boost productivity. And this is supposed to be achieved when you are also under pressure to control or cut costs. One of the quickest and easiest ways of increasing productivity is with mobile forms.

Capture More Information

This will be very familiar for anybody in business. You collect lots data—from surveys, invoices, to work orders and inspections among other data sources. Customers and clients fill out the multiple paper forms and they sit in boxes and crates until they get on the truck to be delivered to the office at the end of the day or week. Perhaps these have to be mailed back to you from multiple regional offices. The amount of effort and time all this takes is literally mind-boggling!

With mobile forms, your partners, clients, and employees can easily capture all that data using mobile devices. Simply define the information parameters, outlining what is to be captured and consolidate all the needed information in a single mobile form.

The form can include, but not limited to the following:

  • Maps, sketches, embedded photos, and GPS field coordinates
  • Required fields
  • Pre-populated lists and auto-calculations
  • Conditional logic and workflow rules

When your business is using paper forms, lots of potential issues come into play that could interfere with the data collection accuracy. Most of these are easily sidestepped when you switch to mobile forms.You will no longer experience problems associated with skipped text fields, terrible handwriting, coffee stains, and more.

Work Online or Offline

Using mobile apps, it will be possible to complete the forms and capture data even in the most remote geographical areas that lack Internet access. The completed mobile forms can be designed in a way that they automatically get synchronized when you get back online.

Field employees pre-filled route forms can be designed and operations streamlined with routing alerts, automated triggers, and these can even be integrated with your other support systems. You can ensure employees gain real-time access to the latest information using dispatch alerts.

Gain New Insights for Productivity

Having access to streamlined business data that may not have been easily captured on paper can potentially unlock enormous productivity gains. Data access is critical when you want to analyze productivity, accuracy, compliance or other critical functions.

With well-designed mobile forms integrated into your business systems, you can automatically do calculations, capture photos, scan barcodes, collect GPS location, and much more. This is the kind of data that helps in making better decisions, identify business inefficiencies and in making improvements.


Mobile apps are today delivering massive productivity gains through unlocking new business insights. These productivity gains can be multiplied when you give critical departments in your business access to such important data for better decisions. There are more online resources available at Pronto Forms.

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