Employers Are Sticking with Microsoft Office 2007

Employers Are Sticking with Microsoft Office 2007

Despite competition from free open source software such as Open Office or Libre Office, and newer editions of the Microsoft Office suite of software programs, the majority of employers continue to use Microsoft Office 2007. Many local and national hiring managers suggest that job applicants as well as business students be thoroughly familiar with this essential suite of software applications.

Excellent Client Support

The many open source office suites available, although inexpensive and readily available, simply don’t offer the training and technical support that Microsoft can offer for its products. Microsoft has specially trained specialists and customer support available around the clock. The excellent tutorials and training materials from Microsoft cannot be surpassed by open source software. Many companies also utilize in house training materials and already make use of the Microsoft Office 2007 materials.

Cost Effective

A laptop or desktop system running Microsoft’s Windows 7 Enterprise, the current mainstay of corporate information technology, will be pre-loaded with Office 2007. This means that companies don’t need to buy Microsoft Office 2007 since it is already installed on their existing systems. Transitioning to new software is expensive and can involve many difficulties during the rollout period, so companies are choosing instead to stand by their current software rather than switch over to newer or alternative editions.

Ease of Use

Touted by many as the easiest version of Microsoft Office to learn, human resource departments appreciate the minimal training time involved with the programs. The layout and design of the 2007 versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook are intuitive and easy to grasp, even for a beginner. Employers also realize that as technology continues to improve and upgrades become necessary, having a solid foundation with one Microsoft suite of products makes it easier to learn the succeeding edition. Many new or long time employees are already familiar with Office 2007 from their previous work experience, further reducing training costs.

Compatible File Formats

Although the file extensions used by Microsoft documents are proprietary, they are easily understood by other productivity software. If a mobile employee finds himself working from a home computer that is, for example, running an open source office suite, they will still be able to work on spreadsheets, slide shows and text documents created on site with Office 2007. This creates a flexible system that increases worker productivity and job satisfaction.

Recommendations for Job Seekers

The current job market is very competitive, with many more job applicants than available positions. An essential advantage that every job seeker should acquire is a thorough working knowledge of Microsoft Office 2007. It could be the distinction that gets them the career of their dreams.

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