Fleet Vehicle Safety and Management

Fleet Vehicle Safety and Management

Fleet vehicles are an essential part of any field service oriented business. The safe operation and regular maintenance of these vehicles is critical to protecting the investment of the company in transportation to get needed jobs done. Field service management software can help you store needed data to ensure the fleet is being driven and maintained to the highest levels of safety.

Investment in Company Field Service Vehicles

Most field service industries invest a lot of money in vehicles that can take technicians, equipment and tools to the desired job site. The safety of employees, the general public and the company assets are in the hands of the person driving the company vehicle. Saving money, wear-and-tear on the vehicle fleet and preservation of human lives are all as important as getting the job completed.

Needed Assessment Data for Safety Compliance and Breeches

Efficient and effective management requires the need to gather all data possible to ensure that safety rules and guidelines are being complied with on a regular basis. Knowledge of breeches in protocol are essential to keep safety the main focus while technicians are on the road. Being able to document both good and bad driving behaviors is a benefit when it comes to deciding if there is additional safety training needed.

Understand the Driving Habits of the Field Service Technician

There are times that bad driving patterns and behaviors are made obvious through incidences like speeding tickets or accidents. It is better to track this type of disregard for safety protocol before drastic events like accidents happen. There are GPS devices that can added to fleet vehicles and the information can be fed into your field service management software. You will soon develop an accurate picture of the driving habits of all service technicians.

Maintaining Records of Fuel Usage and Preventative Maintenance

Saving the company money is made easier by being able to track fuel usage and ensuring the company fleet vehicles are getting needed preventative maintenance on a regular, timely schedule. Field service scheduling for all vehicle maintenance issues can be done quickly, with every technician being made aware of when the vehicle needs to be returned for service. You can monitor the fuel usage to make sure the company vehicles are not being used for unnecessary personal trips.

Incorporating Needed Information for a Safety Program

All of the information gathered and maintained in the management software can help you develop a clear and concise picture of what type of safety program would work best. You can initiate defensive driving courses and offer classes about safe handling of equipment and storage of items like ladders on the roof of service vehicles. You can justify all safety incentive teaching with the incident information you have safely stored in the software.

Contact experts in service management software for a look at the types of software that will help you begin a vehicle fleet safety program.

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