How To Earn Long-Term Clients

How To Earn Long-Term Clients

The success of your IT business hinges not just on acquiring new clients but in earning their loyalty over the long-term. Being the IT company everyone wants to deal with goes far beyond core responsibilities like installing IT management software or optimizing an IT monitoring platform. In fact, these essentials of client loyalty apply across practically all industries.

Honest and Open Communication

Clients depend on you for information. This is particularly true in your field. After all, IT stands for information technology. Regular communication should be a top priority for you at all times. Communicate with management but also employees wherever appropriate. Be honest. Let them know that even when there’s bad news, you’re going to put their interests first.

Treat Your Clients as People

Whether your client is a single-person small business or a large corporation, see the people behind the operation. Successful companies share many similarities. Successful people tend to vary greatly. We have preferences, biases, concerns and so forth. Build a relationship. Learn what those individual qualities are, and cater to them.

Define the Vision for Your Partnership

View client relationships as partnerships, and build those collaborations over time. This is about placing your attention above the individual projects you’re working on. Show the motivation to help them succeed. As an example, perhaps you keep them abreast of innovations in remote monitoring and management and outline plans to keep their RMM solution current and cost-efficient.

Be Consistent and Eliminate Surprises

Your clients want to trust you and depend on you. Your motto should be “my word is my bond,” and that should be the case even when you stand to lose money or it’s otherwise difficult. Meet deadlines come hell or high water. During processes, keep the client abreast. If there’s an elusive bug in a new IT management software that’s being deployed, make them aware as early as possible.

Find Ways to Save them Money

Always be looking for ways to cut your clients’ costs. Always put clients’ interests first. A common mistake made by new IT companies is to favor IT monitoring platforms, RMM solutions and other products that provide them rather than the client the greatest return. This is a shortsighted approach that pays dividends early but limits profit potential over the long-term.

Recognize and Reward Your Loyal Clients

Be aware of the risk of complacency, and find ways unique to your company and clients to work against it. Your loyal clients should never feel like they’re taking a backseat to your new clients. In fact, they expect preferential treatment, and you should give it to them.

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