How Universities and Colleges Can Benefit From Indoor Positioning Technology

How Universities and Colleges Can Benefit From Indoor Positioning Technology

Indoor navigation systems can be a big help for those looking to get around a college or university. Freshman students may appreciate knowing where they are so that they aren’t late for class while parents and other visitors will feel better knowing where they are at all times. What other benefits could a indoor positioning system offer for a college or university?

🎓 Indoor Maps Could Help Security Efforts

If there is a security threat on campus, security personnel could benefit from knowing where they are in relation to that threat at all times. When seconds could mean the difference between someone getting hurt and diffusing an incident, there is no time to get lost because there wasn’t a landmark to help guide first responders. Instead, an indoor map can help plot the fastest route and ensure that help arrives as soon as possible.

🎓 Indoor Positioning Systems Could Improve Campus Flow

Just like the GPS in a car can monitor traffic conditions and offer alternate routes, GPS for indoors could do the same thing for students on campus. Instead of everyone taking the direct route and getting stuck in a crowded and tight space, a portion of the student body could be directed around the congestion to save time and prevent anyone from getting hurt in tight quarters. The indoor system may be designed to ensure that students have a route from their dorm to the classroom without having to go outside or spend too much time outdoors during cold or inclement weather.

🎓 Students and Faculty Can Decide Whether to Walk or Drive Elsewhere on Campus

If there is a direct route to an individual’s preferred destination by foot, it may allow a student or faculty member to keep their car in the parking lot, which reduces traffic on the roads. If there is a direct route by car, it prevents someone from walking a mile or more in poor weather or being too hot or tired to concentrate in class, at work or during practice. While this may not be an issue on a smaller campus, larger schools may encompass several miles or have separate buildings on campus that are hundreds of yards or farther apart.

Colleges and universities of all sizes may be able to benefit from an indoor version of a GPS. No one gets lost, large groups of students can be safely guided around campus and security threats can be mitigated or eliminated because help is always nearby when needed. This helps save time and money while making the college experience a more enjoyable one for everyone involved.

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