Just How Special Is Microsoft Windows 7?

Just How Special Is Microsoft Windows 7?

With their exceptional Windows 7, Microsoft has eventually unveiled an Operating System that make sense across the board and with its reliable upgrade strategy that allow users to move across its exciting editions, then you and me have the chance to choose the edition of that meets your budgetary, academic and professional requirements.

The product has emerged as one of the company’s huge improvement following their previous version Microsoft Windows Vista that I once pronounced as totally inexplicable like a careless thesis of a graduate from Rube Goldberg School of Business. This particular Windows OS version is special with every one of its edition featuring all the tools of the previous OS versions; Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows NT and Windows 9x.


Device Management

While earlier versions of Microsoft operating system barely recognized the presence of devices including phones, cameras, printers and other external hardware, Windows 7 treat these devices as royalty. This new edition devotes a rectangular slick-looking status window whenever any of external devices are plugged or installed so that you browse files, manage media, share files or perform other tasks as prompted by the devices.


Jump Lists

The OS has been equipped with the jump lists, resembling the souped-up recent document menus that will give you swift access to applications-specific tasks or documents. For instance, you can now view the list of most visited sites in an internet browser (Internet Explorer) by just right-clicking the browser in the taskbar. Once you start using this jump list, you will surely wonder why you ever got along without them.



The Operating System has eliminated the frustrations and struggles of its home networking users. All that the Operating System demands is for you to set up a HomeGroup, add all the devices and computers that you would like to share your desktop with, and without further ado, start sharing printers, documents, media, pictures and internet among other networking services.



We all have documents, pictures, music, software and video scattered across manifold folders in our computer. The Operating System has pioneered libraries to help us catalog all these resources in a single roof, irrespective of where we’ve stored in our hard disk. And the best part is, libraries are easiest to share with our HomeGroup.


Advanced Networking

Of keen to note is that the Professional Edition is the very best of its kind. It is equipped with an advanced networking capability better than you’d ever think. If your network is particularly built around a Windows domain, then you should probably purchase Windows 7 Professional. This OS will allow remote desktop access to your computer right from the network and even other editions of Windows 7 possessed third party networking services like Microsoft Own Live Mesh, trust me they are nothing like Remote Desktop.


Even after this review, you might choose to stick around your present operating system. However, if you would want to make the best out of your PC, then you can buy Windows 7 OS at a reasonable price.

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