Microsoft Brings Collaboration in Office 2010 Suite


Microsoft Brings Collaboration in Office 2010 Suite

Microsoft has long been known to lead among the office products and Microsoft Office 201 is no exception. With Microsoft office 2010, Microsoft offers more than just the spreadsheet, word processor, presentation program and an e-mail client database. Microsoft office 2010 now includes large libraries of documents, database, spreadsheet and presentation templates online.


The best part is that users who buy Microsoft Office 2010 Professional will have to their advantage a user interface that makes it easy to use the basic and common features as well as ability to learn new features. The latest advancement in the Office 2010 is the cloud capability with which the users can edit and view Microsoft apps using their browser with no extra cost. The new upgrade is a milestone towards better collaboration by providing real-time post-and-share feature with Ms Share Point 2010.


Office 2010 tools


Many people test a good office suite based on the ease-of-use especially when you try to build a database with its database tool. Microsoft Office 2010 does that and offers more. It is not only easy-to-use while building a database but it is also easy when you integrate the activities across a network. In addition, Microsoft has upgraded the PowerPoint with anew browser version which offers user the capability of editing images and videos in PowerPoint using the basic editing tool.


Microsoft has added a simple image-editing tool for still images that can help users to crop and select borders in file formats such as JPEGs and PNG. In office 2010, users can use the live sharing feature to share things with others on Share Point 2010. The way the feature works is cool and easy. All you need to do is create a slide show in PowerPoint, and then go straight to share it with other people in real time. With office 2010, you don’t need to open the PowerPoint again with read-only format.


The office 2010 lets users upload documents in a cloud environment for security reasons and to provide convenience with who you want to view, remove files, add files or edit files. Currently, the feature is available and universal to many applicable Microsoft suites apart from PowerPoint 2010.


How does the collaborative sharing work?


Let’s say for instance you have a PowerPoint in the cloud and you send a business colleague or a friend a message containing a link of the PowerPoint file on the cloud. Once your recipient receives the email and clicks the link, he/she should be able to see the slide show version of your presentation in their browser. It was thoughtful for Microsoft to think of the collaborative feature which is now allowing multiple users to edit documents.

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