Professional Document Shredding Services

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Professional Document Shredding Services

No matter what line of business you’re in, you probably have stacks of paperwork and unwanted documents sitting around or stored in a closet somewhere. If you were to simply toss those unwanted documents to the curb fully intact, you’d put your business at risk for identity theft crimes and a slew of other business scandals. However, if you take advantage of professional document shredding services, you can rest easy knowing that your documents are completely and professional destroyed and disposed of.

Professional paper shredding companies provide important services to large and small businesses alike.

Fast, Cost-Effective Destruction

Time is at a premium in any business, so no one has time to waste on shredding documents. Professional document destruction saves your company time and money. Our equipment is superior in the market and can destroy thousands of documents in literal seconds. And, our prices are reasonable and free from any hidden fees.

Law-Abiding Practices

Businesses large and small are subject to federal laws and regulations for disposing of private and sensitive information and documents. We are certified to handle this information professionally so that you are not liable for any exposure of information. Once we have completed your shred, we will provide you with a Certification of Destruction, which is legal proof that your information was disposed of properly.

Various Material Disposal

While paper may be the primary thing you have piling up in your business, you probably also have information located on hard drives, backup CDs, and other forms. We can also dispose of these materials for you safely and effectively. It is our goal to help you dispose of the unnecessary items and information that you have just taking up space in your business.

Environmentally-Friendly Removal

Aside from leaking sensitive information, tossing documents in the garbage can also damage the environment. By shredding your documents, you are taking the necessary measures to dispose of your waste properly. And, in addition to shredding your paperwork, we also follow environmentally-friendly procedures to make sure that your documents are recycled as is appropriate. This not only protects our environment but also extends new jobs in our economy.

If you have documents piling up in your business, don’t just leave them sitting around or toss them in the trash. Dispose of them quickly, effectively, and appropriately with professional paper shredding services like Shred-it. You’ll get the benefit of fast, easy, and effective document destruction, and you won’t have to worry about leaving sensitive information to be discovered by an unwelcome party. Document shredding is an important service, and we take it seriously for you.

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