The Advantages Of Off-Site File Record Storage

The Advantages Of Off-Site File Record Storage

File record storage involves a wide range of services that deal with holding, maintaining, and sometimes retrieving physical documents or physical digital media like compact disks or hard drives. In most cases, records are taken to an off-site storage location and then placed into a secured area where they can be left for long periods of time without being disturbed. This space can be a small area of a single shelf designed for a single records box, or the space can be a large enclosed area that the company who owns the records manages themselves. Depending on the company that is providing the storage space, there are usually additional services such as records access and delivery, digitization of physical records, and even record distribution.


The main reason that file record storage is distinguished from other types of storage is because it is designed to be a very safe and secure way for a business to keep records for long periods of time. This can be done because a business does not have enough space to keep the records, or it can be to protect the records from any damage that might occur to the main business location. Having a separate off-site storage location means fire, theft, and floods will not harm business records that could be vital for operation. Security is also an issue in some industries, especially for legal and medical documents that must follow government regulations to protect the privacy of the individuals.


Most file record storage services offer rooms or locations that are carefully climate controlled so temperature and humidity do not damage documents that could be in the room for years or decades. These same rooms are usually in a very secure location, such as a basement, that has no windows and can only be accessed by authorized personnel with the correct key or code. Some facilities actually go to great lengths to ensure that no harm can come to the records while in storage. This includes fireproof cabinets that weight thousands of pounds, alternate sprinkler systems that use dry chemicals instead of water, and pumps in the floor of the room that can remove water so it does not rise up and destroy documents.


Many file record storage companies offer other services besides storage. These companies often have a way to digitize or transcribe physical records so they are permanently stored on a CD or other digital device. In some cases, the storage company actually takes care of all aspects dealing with the documents including instances where a single document needs to be retrieved. These retrieval services can be fairly comprehensive, but usually have a basic cost for each request. There are even companies that use advanced records management techniques to file and maintain records for a customer.


Renting or leasing independent file storage space for records is generally a very cost effective answer for many businesses. It is less expensive than renting a separate space, outfitting it for storage, and then paying employees to shuffle between the work place and the storage space. With the right computer setup, physical files can be sent to a storage location for safekeeping, after which the storage company can send back digital versions of the files for daily use.

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