Windows 8 Tips and Tricks

Windows 8

Windows 8 Tips and Tricks

Windows 8 is a remarkable operating system that a number of new features that make document creation and other computer tasks easier. It was released for tablets and PCs in 2012 and offers new features such as the Start Button and Snap Start screen apps. Buy Windows 8 at any office supply store or online. Read about the most popular features found on Windows 8.

Windows 8 Tips and Tricks

One of the biggest changes found on the new operating system is the Start Screen. Apps are not located on large tiles. Not all of your apps will be visible unless you do a lot of scrolling. You can organize your tiles by category by dragging tiles to a single group. The new system takes less time to boot up when you press the power button.

Visit the Windows store to take advantage of the tens of thousands of new apps on the market. You can purchase these apps that cost between $1.49 up to $9.99. There are also free apps that you can install and update through the store. The new operating system also offers customizable settings. If you are not completely comfortable using the new Start Button, then you can press Start plus D to bring the desktop environment back to your computer.

Your videos and photos are displayed on live tiles with the new system. The new task manager allows you to determine which programs load during startup. There is also an easier way to take screenshots by using the Start PrntScrn button and save to pictures. Xbox Music is the new streaming music service where you can listen to your favorite artists. Another great feature of the new operating system is the fact that your address book, data and photos can sync up to the cloud. This allows you the ability to access them on any electronic device that runs Windows 8.

The new Windows Defender offers a built-in antivirus program that keeps your computer system safe from hackers, viruses and malware. The interactive tiles offer the benefit of faster load time for your favorite apps. The new operating systems is tablet-ready and provide a faster computer environment for users. The touch-screen makes finding apps much faster than previous versions. The snap feature allows you to snap together multiple apps on your screen.

It can take some time to learn a new operating system. If you need help, read the tutorial that comes with the software. There are also online tutorials that offer you many tips and tricks for the new operating system. Keep practicing on the new system, and you will be a pro in time. The new operating system offers many features that improve your computer experience.

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